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"My life is not an apology but a life. It is for itself and not for a spectacle." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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I finally got my hands on the Game of Thrones Fire and Blood red ale. Yummy!! Who else is watching the lunar eclipse tonight?! Beautiful. 🌒🌑🌚🐉🍺 #fireandblood #redale #GOT #gameofthrones #ale craftbeer #vscocam #vsco

And this is why I continue to be extremely annoyed by men around the world. On most days out alone, I am harassed by men I don’t know. I will be sitting outdoors reading a book and some guy will try to approach me or try to prank me for a stupid YouTube video and try to get me to hold his hand (True story). I am fucking sick of jerk offs. I am sick of walking down the streets and getting cat-called at.

I still can’t believe this idiot thought he was complimenting me, when in reality he was just objectifying me and taking an interest in my fucking breasts that aren’t any of his motherfucking business. Yes, the photo shows off my thighs and tastefully shows my breasts looking perky in this shirt I am wearing, so okay, it’s going to get some people’s attention I’m aware of that, but for some guy I haven’t spoken to in some time to actually have the audacity to ask if I got a boob job because he obviously assumed my breasts were smaller before, just pisses me off. It’s called aging well and working out and building more muscle.

I know how to take a compliment, but this shit is ridiculous. He’s some guy that has always had a thing for me, but he proved long ago that he was someone to stay far away from. And he has been single the entire time I’ve known him. Hmm, I wonder why.

I still think this conversation is kind of funny because this guy isn’t a complete douche bag I suppose, he just has this way of saying things that always annoys me somehow. I’m also annoyed because my breasts are nobodies damn business but my own. I felt the need to post this because I know I’m not alone and there are plenty of other women out there that have suffered far worse. And this also brings me back to the topic of body image. So many people have constantly commented on how “thin” I am and assumed I don’t really eat, but now that I try to show off some curves, idiots like him think it’s because I had cosmetic surgery. Because I suppose me being “thin” just means people assume I must also have small breasts or hips. I in fact have a small waist, but my hips and thighs are bigger. My sister once thought my bra size was in the A cup range. People see “thin” so they don’t always pay attention to other details and the “small boobs” thing becomes imbedded in their mind because that’s what their mind sees. Until they somehow finally notice “her boobs look kind of big,” idiots like that guy question me and try to make it their business.

Well guess what? It’s not fucker. Goodnight.